Local Attractions

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, one of America's oldest and most beautiful capital cities, was founded by missionaries in 1609. Spread across a high plateau at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico's capital still glories in the adobe houses and baroque churches of its original architects, while its chic museums and galleries attract art lovers from all over the world. The ideal choice for a romantic New Mexico vacation, the Inn is located just steps from Santa Fe's historic plaza district, the cultural heart of the city.

The galleries and museums in this small city showcase an incredible range of arts and artifacts while the natural surroundings offer endless possibilities for leisure and relaxation. Golf, skiing, mountain biking, fishing, white-water rafting, hiking and day trips to nearby Taos or Bandelier National park are just a few of the many activities to choose from in this New Mexico vacation destination.

Local Currency: U.S. Dollar

Time Zone: MST

Nearby Cities: Albuquerque (67 miles), Taos (72 miles)




Historic Sites

Historic Santa Fe Plaza

The heart of Santa Fe is the historic Plaza, 400 years young. There's almost always something going on at the Santa Fe Plaza, including the Traditional Spanish Market and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Restaurants and shops are in and around the Plaza, which is just 2 miles from the Lodge at Santa Fe, which offers a complimentary shuttle to the Plaza.

Go to www.santafe.org

Free Guided Walking Tours

We are now offering our Heritage Hotels & Resorts guests complimentary guided walking tours of the Historic Santa Fe Plaza every Saturday at 10am at Hotel Chimayo.

The Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts

A visit to the Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts is a step into history. The museum is unique in that it is the only museum in the country focused on the Spanish colonial period including Hispanic New Mexico offering a rare opportunity to interact with history. Original art works from local modern day Hispanic artists, who continue to create the colonial art forms, and historic art from former Spanish colonies from around the world are on display. The incredible detail of the museum will transport visitors 400 years into the past and allow them to experience first hand the arrival and evolution of Spanish Colonials in New Mexico.

The museum has a wide variety of displays for every age group and rotate them on a regular schedule ensuring a variety of experiences in every visit. Group tours are available and can be given in English or Spanish. For more information about the Spanish Colonial Arts Museum visit The Spanish Colonial Arts Society

Georgia O'Keefe Museum

One of America's most beloved artists of the 20th century, Georgia O'Keefe's influence has reached around the globe. Since 1997, visitors have been able to get up close to her amazing paintings of nature that plumb the depths with subtext, and learn more about the life of this fascinating woman. Go to www.okeeffemuseum.org

New Mexico Museum of Art

Formerly known as the Museum of Fine Arts, the New Mexico Museum of Art is located on Santa Fe Plaza. The building is an amazing example of Pueblo Revival architecture, known as "Santa Fe style." The Museum's collection includes works by New Mexico artists. Visit www.nmartmuseum.org.

Santa Fe Opera

Lose yourself in awe-inspiring professional operatic productions at the Santa Fe Opera. The season often includes classics such as Puccini's La Bohème, a well as modern hits like Menotti's The Last Savage. For more information, go to www.santafeopera.org.

Indian Market

Located in the historic Plaza, the Santa Fe Indian Market is the place to find all kinds of remarkable treasures. In addition to textiles, jewelry, and crafts, visitors will enjoy live entertainment. The Indian Market is held during the third weekend in August, and Indian Week-with films, music, and fashion-takes place the week before. Go to www.swaia.org.

Traditional Spanish Market

Held twice a year, the Traditional Spanish Market is a wonderful place to find depictions of Spanish arts and crafts. Held on the historic Santa Fe Plaza, the Market's wares include tinwork, furniture, and souvenirs. Almost all are made by New Mexico craftspeople. For more information, call (505) 982-2226.

New Mexico History Museum

Located on the historic Santa Fe Plaza, the New Mexico History Museum is one of the newest additions to the learning destinations of Santa Fe. The Museum opened its doors in the spring of 2009, and tracks New Mexico's history, starting with the indigenous communities that first inhabited the land, through the arrival of the Spanish, and onward to today. Go to www.nmhistorymuseum.org

St. Francis Cathedral Basilica

The beautiful St. Francis Cathedral is the mother church or main seat of the U.S. Southwest Dioceses. On the grounds, the small adobe chapel is part of the rebuilt cathedral that dates back to 1714, and houses one of the oldest statues of the Virgin Mary in the country, brought here in 1625 from Spain. For more information, go to www.cbsfa.org

Zozobra Burning

Since 1712, the Santa Fe Fiesta has been marked with many traditions, but none more show stopping than the burning of Zozobra. This sky-high marionette represents the release of any troubles each and every year. The traditional "burning of the man" has taken place each year since 1924. Visit www.zozobra.com for more information.

Bandelier National Monument

Trails and views abound at this archaeological treasure. The Bandelier dwellings and petroglyphs are the markers of the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians in the 1100s CE. Visitors have the opportunity to see a plethora of flora and fauna including wolf spiders, rock wrens, fence lizards, and scorpion weed. Go to www.nps.gov/band to find out more.